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Testimony History

Mr. Shefftz has provided sworn expert witness testimony in the following cases.  (You can also obtain copies of the Court Decisions for the cases that have proceeded to trial or hearing.)

Gulf Restoration Network, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, and Sierra Club v. United Bulk Terminals Davant, L.L.C. (USDC SD Louisiana), deposition 5/5/15.
Village of Stillwater, Town of Stillwater, Town of Waterford, Water Commissioners of the Town of Waterford, Village of Waterford, Town of Halfmoon, and County of Saratoga v. General Electric Company et al.; and Saratoga County Water Authority v. General Electric Company (USDC ND New York), deposition 4/2/14.
Environment Texas Citizen Lobby, Inc. and Sierra Club v. ExxonMobil Corporation, et al. (USDC, SD Tex.), deposition 6/1/12, courtroom testimony 2/14/14.
Waste Action Project v. Draper Valley Holdings LLC dba Draper Valley Farms (USDC, WD Wash.), deposition 1/21/14.
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities v. Pacific International Terminals, Inc. (USDC, WD Wash.), deposition 4/11/13.
WildEarth Guardians v. Lamar Utilities Board doing business as Lamar Light and Power, and Arkansas Power Authority (USDC, Colo.), deposition 3/22/13.
Tina A. Rhodes, Individually and as Administratrix of David C. Rhodes, et al. v. Tyrone Gadsen and GP&T Transport, Inc. (Massachusetts Superior Court), deposition 12/11/12, courtroom testimony 1/23/13.
Waste Action Project v. Sierra Pacific Industries dba Sierra Junction City Sawmills (USDC, WD Wash.), deposition 12/28/12.
Environment Texas Citizen Lobby, Inc. and Sierra Club v. ExxonMobil Corporation, et al. (USDC, SD Tex.), deposition 6/1/12.
People of the State of California and The City of San Diego v. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. et al. (USDC, SD Cal.), deposition 4/26/12.
Marvin Evans v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London, KMS Associates, Inc., Greenwich Insurance Company, W. Brown & Associates, Inc. and Hub International Gulf South Limited f/k/a/ Hibernia Rosenthal Insurance Agency, LLC d/b/a Hibernia Rosenthal (Florida Circuit Court), depositions 11/15/10 and 9/15/11.
Bouncing Cranberries LLC v. CommonPlaces eSolutions, LLC, testimony at binding arbitration hearing 8/18/11.
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance v. BNSF Railway Company (USDC, WD Wash.), deposition 7/7/11.
State of Texas v. BP Products North America (Texas District Court), deposition 6/7/11.
Chevron Corporation v. Jonathan S. Shefftz (USDC, Mass.) and Maria Aguinda et al. v. Chevron Corporation (Court of Justice of Nueva Loja, Ecuador), deposition 12/16/10.
Elizabeth Russell and Katherine Gates v. Joseph Reilly and James Georges, Executors of the Estate of K. Mildred Dooling, a/k/a Mildred K. Dooling, and Patrick Curtin, Individually and as Trustee of the M.D. Realty Trust (Massachusetts Superior Court), courtroom testimony 7/21/10.
Hildagarde Bartling, et al. v. Country Villa Bay Vista Healthcare Center, et al. (California State Court), deposition 1/29/10. 
Joseph J. Zajac III v. Pamela J. Trueblood, et al. (USDC, MD Fla.), affidavit 9/16/09. 
In the matter of 99 Cents Only Stores (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 6/24/09. 
U.S. v. Government of Guam (USDC, Guam), courtroom testimony 12/9/08 and 4/13/09. 
U.S. v. James and Nancy Oliver d/b/a Safety Waste Incineration (USDC, Alaska), courtroom testimony 3/25/09 and 3/27/09. 
In the matter of Valimet, Inc. (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 12/10/08. 
Rectrix Aerodome Centers, Inc. v. Barnstable Municipal Airport Commission, et al. (USDC, Mass.), deposition 12/2/08.
State of Ohio v. The Shelly Holding Company et al. (Franklin County Municipal Court), depositions 7/30/08 and 9/19/08, courtroom testimony 10/16/08 and 10/17/08. 
In the matter of Lowell Vos Feedlot (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 9/17/08. 
French Heritage, Inc. v. Ethan Allen, Inc. (Connecticut State Court), deposition 6/28/06 and 6/29/06. 
Oregon Public Interest Research Group, Diane Heintz, and Rena Taylor v. Pacific Coast Seafoods Company, Pacific Surimi Joint Venture, LLC, Pacific Surimi Co., Inc., and Dulcich Inc. d/b/a Pacific Seafood Group (USDC, Oregon), deposition 4/18/06. 
In the matter of Rizing Sun LLC (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 2/7/06. 
State of Ohio v. Container Recyclers, Inc. (Franklin County Municipal Court), deposition 4/1/05. 
In the matter of Vico Construction Corporation and Smith Farm Enterprises (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 6/20/02 and 10/8/03. 
U.S. v. The New Portland Meadows, Inc. (USDC, Oregon), courtroom testimony 5/20/03. 
In the matter of Vico Construction Corporation and Amelia Venture Properties (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 1/14/03. 
United States Public Interest Research Group, Stephen E. Crawford, and Charles Fitzgerald v. Heritage Salmon, Inc.; U.S. PIRG et al. v. Stolt Sea Farm, Inc.; U.S. PIRG et al. v. Atlantic Salmon of Maine LLC (USDC, Maine), deposition 6/5/01, courtroom testimony 10/15/02. 
U.S. v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (USDC, WD Wis.), deposition 4/24/01. 
U.S. v. Royal Oak Enterprises, Inc. (USDC, ED Va.), depositions 3/22/00 and 5/19/00.
In the matter of Titan Wheel Corporation of Iowa (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), affidavit 11/24/99. 
U.S. v. Gulf States Steel, Inc. (USDC, ND Ala.), affidavit 12/30/98, deposition 10/22/99. 
U.S. v. Koch Industries, Inc. (USDC, ND Okla. and SD Tex.), depositions 5/24/99 and 6/1/99. 
State of Wisconsin v. I-K-I Manufacturing Company, Inc., deposition 4/13/99. 
U.S. v. Borden Chemicals & Plastics (USDC, MD La.), deposition 2/5/98. 
State of New Hampshire v. Johnson Products, Incorporated, deposition 2/3/98.
In the matter of EK Associates, L.P., d/b/a EKCO/GLACO, and EK Management Corporation (U.S. EPA Administrative Court), courtroom testimony 8/14/97. 
U.S. v. Smithfield Foods, Inc., et al. (USDC, ED Va.), deposition 7/9/97. 
U.S. v. Nucor Corporation (USDC, ND Ala.), deposition 6/12/97. 
U.S. v. U.S. Metallics, Inc., and Town of Onalaska, Wis. (USDC, WD Wis.), affidavit 10/21/96.