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As described in further detail below, Mr. Shefftz has extensive experience in applying his expertise to a wide range of public policy issues.

Cost of Capital Estimation
Mr. Shefftz assessed peer reviewer comments and then revised another consulting firm's draft report on cost of capital estimation for water systems.  His work included applying the capital asset pricing model to the commercial drinking water industry and correcting for the earlier draft’s assumptions regarding capital structure and industry-level business risk.

Financial Assurance
For a state agency, Mr. Shefftz proposed appropriate inflation forecasts and discount rates, drafted a guidance document, and then developed a stand-alone computer model to calculate the net present value of future remediation costs.  For EPA’s Office of Solid Waste, he provided recommendations on discounting future cleanup costs; for the Office of Site Remediation and Enforcement, he created a computer model to assess the combined affordability of financial assurance and cleanup costs; for another EPA office, he created a spreadsheet model to calculate the insurance and/or trust fund amounts necessary to provide for post-closure care.  For the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, he reviewed other agencies’ approaches and developed a spreadsheet model to calculate initial trust fund amounts and then recalculate subsequent years’ annual rebalancings to reflect actual returns and additional future costs.  For a not-for-profit, he reviewed draft reports on the potential role of financial assurance in the regulation of hydraulic fracturing (i.e., “fracking”).

Joint Cost Allocation
For a study of Bureau of Reclamation rate setting for California’s Central Valley Project, Mr. Shefftz researched economically efficient methods for allocating water project costs to user classes. 

Proposed Legislation
For an industry association, Mr. Shefftz designed and implemented a survey and analyzed its results to predict the impacts of a proposed national lead tax upon lead consumption and dependent industrial sectors.  For a national waste management firm, he analyzed the financial impacts of a proposed state tax on hazardous waste land disposal.

Superfund Impacts
Mr. Shefftz examined the Department of Energy SURE model’s predictions of economic impacts from Superfund liability and cost allocation reform.  At a Superfund site, he critiqued a small city’s claims that a proposed contaminated soil cleanup would lead to widespread economic disruptions.

Legislative Review
For the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments, Mr. Shefftz investigated the potential of fuel oxygenation requirements to cause petroleum refinery closures.  For the Safe Drinking Water Act, he reviewed EPA’s national-level drinking water affordability criteria, assessed their implications for small water systems’ finances, proposed alternative criteria, created databases to predict how many systems would be judged unable to afford drinking water rules, and evaluated public comments.