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Personal Injury / Damages

Mr. Shefftz has assessed lost earnings and household services along with incurred and anticipated medical costs in numerous cases involving wrongful death, personal injury, wrongful termination, estate disputes, and divorce proceedings.  Sample contexts for this work include alleged employment discrimination, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, vehicular accidents, retail store accidents, below-market earnings, lead poisoning, professional license revocation, and an arrest instigated by a former spouse. 

Mr. Shefftz brings a unique combination of strengths and skills to this otherwise common practice area for forensic economists.  First, unlike most economics experts opining on personal damages cases in State court, he can additionally draw on his extensive experience in Federal court (both U.S. District Court and a Federal agency’s Administrative Court).  Also at the Federal level, he developed and currently maintains a standalone computer model application (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “INDIPAY”) that assesses individual finances. 

Second, Mr. Shefftz has extensive experience in the financial analysis of businesses, which can enter into personal injury cases.  For example, in one case, the plaintiff alleged that medical malpractice exacerbated a health condition that impaired his ability to run a firm that specialized in contaminated land redevelopment:  among other tasks, Mr. Shefftz assessed the realism of the plaintiff's financial projections for the firm's profitability.  In another case, a terminated municipal employee was not able to obtain new employment in his career field but was able to devote more time to running his liquor store.